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Hi, I'm Kim Uzzell! 

I'm a Wealth Mindset and Success Coach for Women at My Money Movement.

I'm here supporting women to achieve financial freedom, make their dreams a reality, and remembering to get the most out of life along the way!

"Invest in yourself and learn how to create wealth on your own terms"

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There's more to riding off into the sunset of financial independence and freedom than just picking the winning numbers in the weekly Lottery!  I want to give you the opportunity to discover the steps to REAL success that most people miss!

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What would a better relationship with your money mean for you?

More freedom to travel?

Not worrying about funding  your retirement?

Moving house or doing home renovations and extensions?

More time with the family?

Being able to reduce your working hours or leave your 9-5?

Starting that business you dream of?

Being able to give more money to your chosen charity, or to leave a legacy?

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Why should you work with me?

Are you afraid of not having choices in the future because you don't have the money you need?

Are you stuck in the cycle of overspending or debt?

Do you have a successful, well paid career, but still don't have money left at the end of the month?

Do you continually put the financial needs of others before yourself?

With 15 years holistic coaching  experience and over 25 years working in the investment  industry, you can be confident that I  understand why it is SO important to get it right when it comes to your relationship with money.


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Stuck? Confused?  Afraid? Wanting to do more?

You can earn £100k p.a. and have no money left at the end of the month, or you can earn £20k  and be able to manage comfortably, including building savings. 

It isn't down to how much you earn, but how you behave.  You might think you "ought" to be able to do better, but your money mindset has other ideas! 

If you're finding yourself going round and round in circles, and you want to break away from that feeling of being stuck, we can make changes.

Step away from your comfort zone (which, let's face it, is actually not very comfortable after all) and start making those dreams a reality, whatever your income or bank balance!

Work with me to change that mindset and get you where you deserve to be!

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You work hard for your money -  BUT then what?

FACT - if we let our money fall through our fingers, we are not going to have the choices in our future that we dream of, that we desire, that we DESERVE!

If we keep on going back to our same old habits, we are going to be STUCK.  Stuck in a job we want to move away from, stuck in a relationship we need to leave, stuck not reaching our potential in business.

By doing NOTHING with our money women have an average of 40% smaller pension pot than our male peers, so we have LESS choices than them in retirement.  HOW is that right?!

If we do nothing with our money, we are closing ourselves off to expansion, capital growth, and an ongoing passive income.  We are doing ourselves out of CHOICE!

Stop throwing your money away.  Create and build your personal wealth for your future choices.  Don't take the option of remaining stuck in a place of lack, of fear, of HABIT!


I'm Kim Uzzell, and this is what I do....

I help highly committed women, like you, take action to have the financial future you dream of,  by giving you the confidence to build your own wealth, and the freedom to not rely on, or be relied on by, others financially.

By working on ALL aspects of your relationship with money, cutting the jargon and providing  the tools and knowledge to take the steps you need to break out of your negative money habits for good, we make creating a wealthy future easy and FUN!!

I want you to know that you can take control of, talk about and build your finances without fear of judgement, embarrassment or shame, and that having money and wanting more is not a sign of greed or selfishness,  but of wanting to do more things, with more choices, for more people. And that's a FANTASTIC thing!

I stand for financial integrity, opportunity and choice, and the actions needed to bring greater financial equality to us all.

I stand against those who  take advantage of those who lack the knowledge or confidence to make informed decisions.

QUANTUM  coaching & mentoring for women

1:1 or Group coaching - Money blocks affect us all, regardless of gender, but the wealth and investment gap between men and women shows that we have a long way to go before we are anywhere close to equal.

Combining my career of 30 years in wealth management with my 15 years of holistic coaching and mentoring, I am here to get YOU dealing with, and getting results for your money like never before!

Achieve your money goals - and FAST!

Feeling stuck is no fun.  You're working hard, but you're not yet getting the results you want!

I will help drive you forward with resilience, and help you cross the line to reach your dream goals through enabling strong choices, determining the right amount of risk and a STRONG belief that you can achieve what you desire and you deserve.

When you find and combine the right mindset and the right practical approaches, the results you can achieve are phenomenal.

Confidence to take the next steps

Whatever your current situation, you can make BIG, BIG changes - if you want to!

If you want to break the cycles of overspending, over-giving, or restricting yourself financially. 

If you want to confidently talk about money with your partner.

If you want to have the confidence to start investing and building your wealth for the future, we can work together to get you where you need to be.

My story - read more about why I want to make a difference.

Talk about money - and TAKE INSPIRED ACTION! 

Stop going round and round in circles.  Stop being stuck when it comes to getting the best out of your money.  Get confident, learn how to get more from your money mindset. Grow your wealth and create your path towards a financial future that provides opportunities for choices, dreams and FUN!

1:1 Quantum Coaching - ways to work with me for FAST results

This is what my clients say!


Kim is a passionate, enthusiastic and incredibly knowledgeable deliverer of anything money and investment.  Her experience speaks volumes, as does her empathy for the situations many of us face as she has been there herself.

I loved the pre-recorded bite size modules, which will always be available to me (that’s a huge plus) and the group ‘live’ sessions were incredibly interactive which is important when sharing your situation in a confidential environment.    From working out budgeting and clearing debt to understanding different investment opportunities and tax through to believing in your ‘vision board’, Kim not only has the suggestions/answers, she enables her students to come up with the ideas and journey themselves. 


“I found myself in the grip of fear one day, £2.47 in the bank and all I could hear in my head was what a failure I am, a bad mum, repeating stories of how hard it is to stay on top and so on. I decided to put the tasks I was 'supposed' to be doing that day to one side and consciously work on my money mindset and removing these blocks.

I understood that this feeling of fear was not going to help me to turn it around. I spent the morning completing the self-study element of this course and at 98% done, decided to take a break for lunch. 30 min later, £100 hit my account which literally saved the day! I truly believe that in doing the inner work and using the tools and resources provided here, I was able to unblock my energy and let money and abundance begin to flow again!

Michelle Thomas

"I had known for many years (decades even!) that it would be a good move for me to invest but I'd never had the courage to actually take this step.  Having no prior experience, it all seemed very complicated and confusing; even the very thought of it left me feeling overwhelmed.

However, Kim has a tremendous gift for turning seemingly complicated matters into something clear, coherent and easy to understand.  Through her eloquent explanations she has guided me through both the fundamentals and some of the complexities of investing in an accessible and clear way.  Kim has instilled in me the knowledge and understanding necessary for me to enter into the world of investing with confidence and conviction.  It was extremely empowering to be able to make that choice of either "yes I will invest" or "no I won't" from a place of real knowledge.

Time spent with Kim is always hugely enjoyable and I am greatly appreciative towards her for sharing her knowledge and wealth of experience with me, and enabling me to take these steps that I've wanted to take for so long.  Thank you Kim!"

~ Michelle Thomas

Ways To Work With Me


Switch up your money mindset

Know what you want to achieve, but somehow can't quite manage to get there?  Working on your money mindset, overcoming your money blocks and freeing yourself to go and achieve your financial goals.

Master your Money Mindset - online course

Maximise your potential

Practical tools and approaches to get you financially organised, and build your confidence to enable you to invest and grow your wealth, enabling future financial freedom.

Get hands on support and training at an accessible low monthly cost.

Join the Wealth and Investment Academy

1:1 and Group Coaching

A one-off, or a course of sessions.  individual or as part of a focused group.  Coaching calls can be used to complement the self-study programmes or as a standalone.

6- and 12-Month VIP 1:1 options available.

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Don't do yourself out of choices and options

Despite best intentions, many people have little to no savings and are only one payday away from financial problems.  Life throws us curveballs from time to time and we need to be able to deal with them. 

Let's get laser focused on what you need to do to get ahead of the game.

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Take your best chances of financial freedom!

We hear about the closing of the gender pay gap, but there's a bigger gap between men and women when it comes to investing. 

I am passionate about giving women the confidence to deal with their money, build their wealth and live their financial life to the fullest.

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Get excited for your future!

You're working hard, but have you got a goal in mind for your future, your retirement, or will you deal with that "one day soon"?

Work with me to set your goals, discover how to overcome the stumbling blocks you've encountered before, and make REAL progress that you can enjoy along the way!

Kickstart 1:1 coaching package - £497

Flexible options to suit your individual needs.

We all have different struggles, goals, needs, learning styles, available time, and budget.

That's why I have a range of ways in which you can work - from short self study programmes, to 6 month VIP 1:1 Coaching packages. 

Discover the options. Your time is NOW, what are you waiting for!?

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