Don't just say Yes, Say a BIG HELL YEAH to the Financial (and any other!) Success You Desire In 2022!

5th and 6th June  2022 10am (UK time)

Join me and start saying a BIG HELL YEAH to your wealth success AND MORE!!









You can go about your goals in your usual sort of hit and miss way, or you can decide you want to take the route that involves a BIG OL' HELL YEAH!

Join me and get results that you might not yet even realise are possible!

Wealth, Health, Career, Relationships, Adventures....the world is your oyster - if you choose for it to be!


What's included in the workshop?

Day One: You want More?  Or do you REALLY want MORE??

What does MORE look like for you, and how will that feel?

Why should you even be thinking of wanting more, yet alone going out there to get it?

Day Two: Ditch the S.M.A.R.T targets!

There's more than one way to reach your goals, and we want to take the route that is more fun, more effective, and more efficient!

We don't do formal "SMART" targets here - you'll leave this session knowing how and why!

Ongoing: You'll be hollering that HELL YEAH and getting ready for your big leap! 

You will take away practical tools and techniques to help Quantum shift your mindset, energy and actions.  The sky is the limit!


Are you...

Ready to stop faffing around, and go and get all the things you've been dreaming of?

I know, I know, you've tried all of the things, set all the targets, made all the resolutions, set your intentions and made a good start.

And then you've lost momentum. 

You dig deeper, but it's tiring and the results just aren't happening.

Are you ready for this time to be different?

Ready to say Hell Yeah to your future financial, and other, successes?!


Prepared to take ACTION and finally get the Wealth and MORE that you both desire and deserve?

If you want something different in your future, you've got to do something different to your past.

If you're ready for the shifts, the excitement and the HELL YEAH results, then come and join me for this 2 day workshop and get your journey to having MORE well and truly started!

Warning - you will get some seriously HELL YEAH moments....are you ready?

My VALUES Roadmap that I use with my clients enables them to get results like never before!!


Why listen to me?

Hi! I’m Kim!

My career in investment management started around 30 years ago, and it was then that I recognised that money, it's potential and it's limitations, had no preference when it came to my clients' age, background, or level of earnings.

What DID hold them back was a lack of self belief, of money management skills, and of understanding of the importance of taking the right approach to building wealth.

I saw that this didn't only impact on their bank balances, but other areas of their life, and their dreams, too!

Combining that career with the coaching and mentoring that I began in 2006, PLUS my own personal rollercoaster of financial experiences as I navigated life's curveballs, I can bring you THE Roadmap you need to take action away from being stuck and launching you towards the successes in life that you dream of.

Trust me, you will be amazed at what you can achieve!  Wealth, Health, Careers, Relationships, Business, Adventures....the list is endless!