Bad with money? Or just the realities of life?

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Kim Uzzell Money Coach

I’ll be honest….I’ve not always been great with money.  In fact at times, despite my career being in the investment management arena, my personal relationship with money has been downright toxic.  

And for the majority of that time, I hid it.  I felt embarrassed, I felt ashamed, I felt a failure, and already in a career position where I was not “one of the boys” I felt even less worthy of my career, my progression, and at times my life in general.

I remember one time, many many years ago, I was asked directly by one of the partners if I had “money issues”.   The contempt in his voice, the anger on his face…..or at least that’s all I heard and saw, led me to lie and say that I didn’t.  I’d been found out.  The shame grew stronger, and I tried to hide it even more.

Those days are gone, and although I’m not perfect, I am fully accepting of the journey I have been on and the lessons I have learned along the way.

Up until recently, the mere thought of admitting my own struggles, my shortcomings, my “failures” would have sent me running as far and as fast as I could.  The heebie jeebies would have kicked in, the fear would have taken over.

But I have started to talk about it.  To be honest it’s perhaps 20 years too late, but better late than never!

Since getting the confidence to tell my story, I know it’s  been met with mixed responses.

I am sure there are still some people who will read it and cringe.  Some who will say I shouldn’t be trusted with money (I heard this one growing up, it’s nothing new!), and some who will wonder why I ever chose a career in financial services.

And they’re all entitled to their opinion.

But what I have also discovered is that there are many MORE people who are supportive.

Not only that….but my inbox and my DMs suddenly have messages from other people in the financial services industry, and similar professions, thanking me for being open, because it makes them realise that they are not on their own.  That they too have finally got somewhere to open up.  To breathe, to get help and support. 

Some of them are still on their own journey.  Stuck in some way.  Battling to overcome the challenges of their financial situation.

Others are through it, tried to move on but have subconscious reminders of how it used to be popping up all the time and holding them back from going out and achieving what they really want to achieve in life.

Some of them are realising, only as a result of my posts, that they have been lying - to others - colleagues, family, friends - and also to themselves.  

The relief is immense,  For me, because I know my words have meaning to others.  But also relief for others, as they know that they are not a failure, or alone.

Powerful stuff.

For a while I too wondered what place I had in my career choice.  Then I thought…..would I think any less of a nutritionist who previously had an eating disorder, or who decides to go on a mad Christmas food binge? 

Would I be dismissive of the best oncologist in the area, just because he had a 40-a day habit?

Would I take my car servicing contract away just because the mechanic couldn’t drive a car, or had had their licence withdrawn for some reason?


In fact, in my own situation, when I was talking to another financial coach about "being bad with money", they pointed out that actually I was very good with it.  I had spent years making darned sure that no payment was missed.  That no default was issued.  That the mortgage still got paid, and the children still had what they needed.  I made ends meet.  I was resourceful.  I worked hard to earn more.  Even harder, to earn even more.

Was I "bad with money"....?  You decide!

We are all human.  I am human.  I make no apology for that.  I’m only sorry that I took so long to realise that.

If this resonates with you, why not come and join my Facebook group for women….as we empower each other to build our wealth and create choices for our financial future.

And if you are ready to take action in getting the most from your money journey, I’m creating the Beta version of a new programme “More than Money” which starts in a few weeks. A 3 month programme, using my “VALUES” Roadmap, with live weekly support on your money mindset, and practical methods to create the financial future that will be, as the title says, “More than Money”. 

You can drop me an email at [email protected] or just watch this space!!

Money - let's talk about it.  Let's make it work harder for us.  Let's ditch the shame, the guilt and the embarrassment.  This is 2022 and we should be beyond all that.

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