The Mountains are calling and we shall go!

business personal lifestyle Feb 02, 2022

Self indulgent blog alert.....

In January 2020, we were amongst the relatively lucky few who managed to get their ski holiday in, enjoyed, and completed before the Pandemic changed the way we would travel and experience holidays for the next couple of years.

This was down to a bit of luck on our part, because we wouldn't normally ski that early in the year.  Whether you believe in luck or not, we are grateful that we got that holiday.

Of course, the ski trip we subsequently planned for 2021 never took place, and so it was with a large element of uncertainty that we booked for this season.  The discovery of the new C-19 Variant just before Christmas, and the fact that since then most of my immediate family, including my daughter, mum and husband have had Covid, meant that we have been trying to keep our expectations real, so as to manage any disappointment that comes should it all get cancelled before we fly.

But we are almost there.  At the end of this week we fly to Italy.  Our son is moving in to house and dog sit, and we are starting to allow ourselves to get a little excited about the fact that we could, quite possibly, get our holiday.

And the gratitude that we have for this is phenomenal. We've been skiing FOR EVER, getting at least one trip to the mountains each year before Covid hit.  We took it as a given that we would get at least a week away.  Sometimes just the two of us, sometimes with the children, sometimes with friends, but we would always go.

And although I would like to think we never took it for granted in a snobbish sort of way, I would be niaive to think that we never took it for granted in some form.

First world problems, but when you can't do something, you sure do appreciate it when it becomes possible again.

What makes me even more grateful is the fact that I am mid-launch for my new programme in the business.  I'm grateful for the fact that I can work, continue launching, and STILL take time away.  I can build that future, that vision that I've had for so long, and trust that the business will continue while I am away because I've got systems in place to do that.  I've got support.  

Why is this so important to me?  Because every other holiday I have ever had, I  have needed to take it because I needed the break.  I needed time to escape work.  I needed to spend the first half of each holiday just actually winding that by the time I actually got to relax and switch off, it was time to pack the cases and head back to the airport, to get back to work.  Every other holiday I had, I knew it would very quickly be a case of being back to square one.  Exhausted, drained, and miserable!

But this time, it feels different.  I'm looking forward to this holiday because, well, it's skiing and it's been a while since we were able to go of course.....but I am also looking forward to it because it is the first time that neither Phil nor I have needed to "go back to work"....or to need to escape it in the first place.

And I am celebrating this.  I'm launching a programme.  I'm working with 1:1 clients.  I'm group coaching with existing and new cohorts of people who want to make more of their money mindset, who are taking control of their future financial choices.......and I'm going on holiday having energy before I go, not hoping to somehow find it while I am away!

If that's not worth shouting about, I don't know what is!!

So forgive the self indulgent post, but this has been a long time coming.  It's exactly the reason why I made the bold decision to leave my corporate 9-5. (Did you see the article in the Daily Telegraph,  this week by the way that features my "Burnout" journey ?) 

Celebrate with me?

Oh, and while you're about it, you'd be welcome to join my free 3 day workshop from 20th - 22nd February.  Delivered live (with recordings available for those who can't make it all live) and with the purpose of helping you shift from a feeling of woe to a feeling of wealth, this is going to be amazing if you are trying to make 2022 the year you get more out of your relationship with money!

Registration is by this link here - and I would love to see you there (and no laughing at my expected ski goggle tan lines!)

Now....where did I put my passport......


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