The ripple effect - and a bit of Dirty Dancing

coaching finance investing money mindset Aug 11, 2021

I carried a watermelon…

Ahh, the ‘80s……shellsuits, ra-ra skirts, deeply boppers, and the Sinclair Spectrum.  And the music….they don’t make cheese like that any more.  I know all the words to Tiffany’s ‘I think we’re alone now’ and am not afraid to admit it….the 80s were MY decade!

In 1987 I began my ‘A’ levels…to keep my mother happy, I took a business studies course, rather than the music course I quite fancied.  Now, if she were to read this, she would point out that she was right, and I suppose I need to allow her that, given the successful 30 year career in stockbroking and banking that followed, but at the time, I wasn’t so sure.

I found those subjects fascinating, but tough.  Economics, in particular was a challenge and there were times when my lecturer made it quite clear I didn’t stand a chance in passing….(cue rolling eyes here as I realise again where some of my continuing lack of confidence comes from…) but I got a decent grade, and I’ve used some of the basics learned in that course more over the last 30+ years than from any of the other subjects I took.

The multiplier effect was one I learned parrot fashion at the time, but also is the one I’ve relayed to more of my coaching clients than anything else. I also refer to it as the ripple effect…..and it is phenomenal….and empowering.

Lots of people come to me for coaching with the belief that having, and wanting, wealth makes them greedy, or selfish.  They’ve been brought up to believe that wanting more is, for some reason, a bad thing…and as a result they’ve either wasted the money they’ve had, to avoid the image of being selfish, or they have resisted asking for a pay rise, or putting their prices up in business, because they want to avoid the perception of being seen as greedy.

But the opposite is true. Building wealth not only gives you choices for yourself and your family, now and in the future, but it also enables you to spend more, give more, and help more, in ways that’s empowering and anything BUT greedy or selfish.

If you had more money, what could you do with it….? Employ a cleaner for a few hours a week? Get your garden landscaped or the interior of your house redecorated? By paying others, and valuing their own time and skills, you are providing them with confidence, with money…..that they too will go and spend.  

That money, being passed from one to another, in return for goods and services, helps our economy.  Money spent in small businesses might be keeping local suppliers in business, money spent in supermarkets is helping to employ dozens of people in your community , that coffee bought from the coffee cart on the corner on your way to the train station is going to help the barista, the dairy farmer and the coffee grower.

When we have money, earn more money, make more money, and grow our wealth through investing to make more money still, we have more money to spend, to give, and to enable those people to have more money, to earn more money and to build their own wealth.  In turn they can spend more, give more away, and those who they spend then have more money….get the picture? The ripple effect has begun, and the impact can be incredibly far reaching.

Far from being greedy, or selfish, by earning more, having more, and building more wealth of our own, we can be more generous, and empower others to do the same….and that’s got to be a good thing.

Lots of my coaching clients want to be able to invest money, but they have a fear…something stops them taking the first steps into investing, something holds them back.  So before talking about investment options, as a coach I talk to them about the areas of self sabotage, their money mindset, and we deal with that first.  The foundational work is key to achieving the best investment results for your own individual set of circumstances and it’s an area that shouldn’t be ignored.

If you want to feel empowered, not selfish, and to be able to get that ripple effect started, and empower others, then why not look at the ways in which we can work together in developing your money mindset ahead of learning about the technicalities of investment?  

Whether you’re looking for a self study online course that you can do in your own time, some individual 1:1 coaching to focus on more specific areas, or to join my 12 week group coaching programme - "Your Money, Your Life, Your Vision" starting September 7th, that will take you from the basics of mindset to being confident to build your wealth through investing, there’s a practical approach for everyone.


Individually, and collectively, we can achieve great things.  How far can you make that ripple go....

Oh, and remember  - Nobody puts Baby in a corner....!


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