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Kim Uzzell Money Coach

I've been talking in my facebook group this month about my transition from 9-5 employment, most recently in the very corporate world of Global Banking, to my dream of building my coaching business as a full time entity, reaching out to women the world over to help them get confident in building their confidence AND their wealth, so that they can be financially independent in years to come.

One of the reasons I wanted to make the move now, was to get my work/life balance back, before it is too late.  I'm 51.  My Dad died suddenly at 55, and while I hope to not go the same way, it does have a knack of keeping things real.

This change is to give myself, my husband, and our crazy cocker spaniel the time to just be us.  Without my energy being sapped continually by work.  Without feeling like a continual prisoner in my home office - which is where I have been every day since we were all sent home from the office at the start of the Pandemic in March 2020.

To give myself space to build my business, to get out there and speak about my passion - the passion that is to help women get confident with their finances, and to be comfortable in creating and building wealth of their own.  To know that it is alright, in fact encouraged, to want MORE money.

Because with more money, we can do more things, with more people and more impact!

Already though, just a few days into the new routine, I am already starting to question how on earth I had the time to work on the business previously at the same time as a full-on, very intensive day job!  My diary is already pretty full, and my "to do" and "to contact" lists are getting longer!

This isn't an unusual phenomenon - I've heard retired people say similar...."how did I even have TIME to go to work?!" as they fill their post work days quite easily with chores, pottering around in the garden, doing childcare duties for grandchildren, meeting up with friends for a coffee or a round of golf, etc. 

In turn, this prompted me to look further back at my life - my 30 year career that included having 2 children, for a small part as a single parent. but always as a working mum.

I returned to work as soon as I was able after having both my children.  I worked up until the day I had my son - giving the poor chap who I shared an office with, the heebie jeebies every time I experienced some kind of "twinge"! 

I also only had 15 months between children.  In no small part due to the fact that childcare back then was hard to find, and I had to pay a nanny....a nanny who cost the same per hour for 2 children as she did for just the one....so it made sense to get my money's worth!

Not only was I a working mum, in a 9-5 that took up most of my energy as well as my brain power, I had a few dabbles in running businesses alongside.  The idea was always that the business would take over and I would cut back the hours in the day job - thereby creating that elusive work life balance.  The reality, however, was generally quite different!

As I looked back, I started thinking of all the things that, alongside my "paid" working life, and occasional entrepreneurial dabbles, I was doing on that unpaid basis that working mums (yes, I know some dads do too, but for the purposes of this blog I'm talking about my own experiences!) take on. Yes, I had the help of a nanny, but only for the hours that I was actually out at work.




Social Secretary

Events Organiser

Travel Agent


School "helper"

Cubs/Brownies/Karate/Football volunteer


Teacher (even more so since the Pandemic)

Coach, Mentor

Nurse (especially in the middle of the night!!)

Seamstress and Laundry woman

Procurer of all thing last minute for "show and tell" or World Book Day!

The list is endless.

Mums the world over are doing a fabulous job.  With little recognition for the amount they do.

Working mums - whether in an employed position, or in a self employed, entrepreneurial capacity, even more so.  With even LESS recognition for the amount they do.

The reason for that lack of recognition is partly because we don't shout about it - we just get on with it.  Getting more and more exhausted, as we try and juggle all those balls and spin all those plates!

Much as I am looking back over the recent years and thinking how did I have time to fit in a full time job as well as running a business, I am actually looking further back - over 25 years (yes, I am feeling old!) and saying not "how did I manage to fit it all in?" but - Bloody hell woman, you were amazing.

As pretty much every mum; working, entrepreneurial, run ragged mum is.

I celebrate each and every one of you.  Along with a belated celebration of myself and my kids who had no choice but to work with me as we navigated life.

If this resonates in any way, or you know someone to whom it might relate, then I would love you to share this blog - let's get the word out there that we are pretty darned amazing!  Because, let's face it, if we don't shout about it, who will!?!

And if you want to know how to take the first steps make your money work harder for you, so that you can get your work/life balance on track quicker, then why not grab a copy of my free guide.  Just click here and it can be with you in minutes!

Remember, you work hard for your money - make it work hard for you so that you can do the fun things in life!

(and give yourself a huge pat on the back, with gratitude, and love!)

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