.....and they're not the ones you might expect!

Learn the secrets to achieving everything you want in your financial future - and having FUN along the way!

You want to travel, buy a bigger house, and do more with your friends and family!  Are you getting everything you dream of?

More than ever we need to stop going round and round in circles with our money, so that we can have the choices that we deserve and the ability to create financial stability, independence, and FREEDOM!


Make your dreams become a reality!

Discover the secrets to successfully getting your money mindset on side, create a long term passive income, and clear the path to financial freedom so that you make your dreams a reality!

Understand and implement the key elements that most people ignore….(which is why they don’t succeed!)

Recognise and work with the emotional as well as the practical elements for maximum success, satisfaction and enjoyment!!

I will show you the vital steps that will stop you going round in circles, help you make progress, and get you the results you desire and deserve!

Hi, I'm Kim!

A 30 year career in the Investment industry, as a stockbroker, wealth manager and private banker, came with both challenges and excitement!

I combine this with 15 years of coaching, mentoring and teaching, and a range of holistic approaches including NLP, EFT and hypnosis.....along with 50(ish) years of real life experience!

Whatever your relationship with money, whatever dreams you want to make into reality, I am here for you!

Financial Independence and Freedom is what I always dreamed of!

I wanted to do fun stuff with my children and create memories they would keep forever!

I wanted to be able to manage financially when life threw me curveballs.

I wanted to be able to pursue my dream of leaving my Corporate 9-5 and working for myself!

But so often I would start, and not succeed!  Despite the best of intentions, something always went wrong!

So I changed the way I did things!

I no longer feel stuck with my money, I believe glass ceilings are there to be smashed!

I no longer look enviously at what others have or believe that I won't be able to achieve my own financial goals.

I have systems in place to ensure that I can deal with whatever life throws at me.

I look forward to the choices that I have, and the ongoing memories that I can create for myself and my family.

I love the fact that I can leave a legacy, and create impact on an ongoing basis!