Introducing the NEW Wealth & Investment Academy!

A BRAND NEW Monthly Mentorship for women who want to take control of their money, build wealth of their own and create CHOICES in the future.

Brought to you by Kim Uzzell, Chartered Fellow of the CISI, with a career spanning 3 decades in Stockbroking and Investment Management!

Take yourself on a journey from financially stuck and fearful of growth, to confident investor and builder of wealth so that you can DO more, WITH more, FOR more!

Investing in stockmarkets is not restricted to the lucky, and wealthy, few.

Let me introduce to you the most important aspects that will help you determine whether investing is right for you!

I demystify the world of stockmarket investing, and introduce you to the elements you need to consider before you part with your money.

Discover the benefits of stockmarket investing as well as understanding some of the risks involved and how to overcome them.

Wherever you are at in your financial journey, this mentorship will give you the tools and knowledge to apply to your personal circumstances so that you can get your money working harder for you and your future.

Get ready to apply these for your own personal wealth building potential - setting you on your way to financial independence and freedom!

Create and build your investment portfolio in real time.

  • Get HANDS ON mentoring to help you build your wealth.
  • Create choices in your financial future.
  • Move forward with your dreams of financial independence.
  • Build and leave a legacy for your children, or your chosen charity.
  • Understand what makes a successful investor, the benefits to look for and the pitfalls to avoid
  • Learn about stockmarkets, how the daily news infuences prices, how to manage risk, and grow your investment portfolio sustainably.
  • Gain knowledge, build confidence, create independence and feel empowered!


YES! I Want to join the Wealth & Investment Academy!

The Wealth & Investment Academy and Mentorship will include:

  • Live weekly, bite sized lessons to get you investment confident
  • Tips and tools to improve your money mindset
  • Help with financial strategy and organisation
  • Guest experts to widen your knowledge across more asset classes
  • Goal setting and planning exercises and reviews
  • Access to a dedicated facebook group 
  • 10% Discount on other courses and coaching fees
SIGN UP HERE! Founder member rates - £49 monthly - Doors close17th December 2021

I will share 30 years’ of investment career experience with you!

I'm Kim Uzzell, Chartered Fellow of the CISI, and Women's Wealth & Investment Coach.

With almost 30 years in the investment industry, mostly as a Stockbroker, plus 15 years' teaching, coaching and mentoring experience, I am not like most "financial coaches". 

I have real, hands on, professional experience that I want to share with you.

I'm here to support you to take control of your finances, make MORE of your money and increase the choices you have available to you in the future.

Start small, build big!

You’ll discover how to start building your wealth with stockmarket investment WITHOUT massive amounts of capital, complicated jargon or a man in a pin striped suit to show you how!!

I'll introduce you to the key elements of successful investing.  We start at the very beginning, but you won't be there for long!

Learn the key features of stockmarket investing, and the pitfalls to avoid, to help you on your way to developing your wealth-building potential!

Creating more choices, and a better financial future IS a reality!

We all want more….and there’s no reason why we can’t have it! I will show you how to swap your daily Starbucks or Costa for money that works FOR you, while you’re doing other things…..yes, even while you’re sleeping!

Create a growing pot of wealth, a passive income, make more of your personal allowances.

Get a financial plan in place, set your goals and intentions for the future, get on top of your borrowing habits, and deal with those money mindset issues that have held you back so far.

Founder rate - £49 month

I believe in making investment and financial confidence available to all, so to launch the Academy, I am offering the chance to work with me at this founder member rate.  

For less than the cost of a couple of takeout coffees and cakes a week, you can have direct access to an experienced Wealth and Investment professional, and get all the tools you need to create and build your own investment portfolio!

I'm in! Sign me up at Founder rates!

Demystifying the world of stockmarket invesment.  Take your first steps to building your wealth. 

Go from Fearful to Fired up!  Knowing what's involved in investing can be confusing and quite scary. 

But it doesn't need to be!

Learn to make your own decisions so that you can feel and become financially independent.

Take control of your finances and make positive, tangible steps to build a future of financial stability and freedom.

Learn to create your own investment portfolio in real time.

Own your own pot of money and BUILD it to become MORE!

Make your money go further in later life - GIVING YOURSELF MORE CHOICES!

Be able to support yourself and your family financially, and leave a legacy!

Understand the risks and benefits and how to navigate the best path FOR YOU!

This is for you if….

  • You are intrigued by stockmarket investment but confused by the jargon
  • You want to start building wealth for your financial future but don't know where to start.
  • You're not sure if you can afford to invest.
  • You want to invest but something holds you back.
  • You want to create choices for your future.
  • You want to learn about something new!
  • You want access to a highly experienced professional!

This is NOT for you if.... 

  • You want a get rich quick scheme.
  • You want to stay stuck with your finances.
  • You don't want choices in your future.
  • You don't want to leave a legacy to make the world a better place!
  • You're not ready to consider change.

Ready to make a difference?  Want more choices in life, a passive income, or a legacy to leave?

This is the mentorship for you if you want to make a difference.

Simply put, can you afford NOT to take your first steps?


Michelle T

Kim has a tremendous gift for turning seemingly complicated matters into something clear, coherent and easy to understand!

She has guided me trough the fundamentals and some of the complexities of investing in an accessible and clear way.  Kim has instilled in me the knowledge and understanding necessary for me to enter into the world of investing with confidence and conviction. 

Time spent with Kim is always hugely enjoyable and I am greatly appreciative towards her for sharing her knowledge and wealth of experience with me and enabling me to take these steps that I've wanted to take for so long.

 Thank you Kim!!

~ Michelle

Mary C

I previously had no idea about investing and was worried that I couldn't afford to do it.

After I joined one of Kim's masterclasses, she helped me understand what investing really means, and I was finally able to sort my budget and commit to a small but regular investment.

I now understand how it works, and the risks associated with it, and I am really enjoying seeing my investment pot grow.  I feel confident that I am steadily building up funds for the future, for both myself and my children.  I highly recommend Kim's expertise to anybody! Thank you so much Kim!

Debbie F

Today I had the most uplifting, energising and inspiring time with Kimberley.  Absolutely Awesome!  This gal is on fire!!  So lovely to have someone set time aside to genuinely support you.  Can't thank you enough. 

Power to you Kimberley!

Important note:

Whilst I am an experienced and very highly qualified investment manager, this mentorship and any information provided within is NOT intended to be taken as financial or investment advice in any way. Investing, pensions, taxation etc are all specialist subjects and you should always do your research and take appropriate advice from a specialist before parting with any money.  Regulations, allowances, etc are subject to frequent change, and investing always involves a risk.