Master your Money Mindset - with Kim Uzzell, Investment Confidence and Money Mindset Coach


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Kim Uzzell, Investment Confidence & Money Mindset Coach 

With 30 years experience as a Stockbroker and Chartered Wealth Manager, and 15 years experience coaching, mentoring and teaching, I am excited to be able to bring you this introduction to using your money mindset to improve your wealth for the longer term.

In my professional investment career I have seen the frustrations that clients experience when they don't get the investment results they desire, and the difference it makes when they address some of their mindset issues.

I've worked with people who have a little, and people who have a lot.  

Inheritances, business sales, high earners, and those just starting out.  Money blocks do not discriminate.  Neither does the desire to do more with your money and to have more!

I've been coaching and mentoring since 2006, both formally and informally.  Trained in a range of modalities including NLP, EFT (tapping), and Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy, I bring a range of potential tools to the table as and when they are required!

I've taught for adult education, further and higher education students, and to inmates at a local prison. Accredited courses, workshops and training sessions have all been part of my remit over the years.

My online self-study courses have been sold all over the world, making money mindset work accessible to all!

As well as my professional background, I have also got first hand experience of some significant money blocks that held me back for a large portion of my own life.

I know what it is like to be stuck, yet wanting desperately to build a financial future that allows you to be independent and able to live the life of your dreams.

I know how it feels to be on the outside as everyone else seems to be moving forwards with their life.

I get the frustration of having a good income, but still not having any money left at the end of the month!

But I also know that it is absolutely possible to get out of that rut.  To make that change.

Are you ready to commit and take action? 

Are you ready to discover the power of your mindset?

This programme can change your relationship with money in a way you never thought possible!


I'm ready to take action!

The "Master your Money Mindset" programme is for you if you:

* Tried, but failed, to change your financial habits in the past?

* Paid off your debt, but seen it creep back up again?

* Continually finding yourself overspending or overgiving?

* Shut your eyes and hope, when you hand over your debit or credit card to pay?

* Are starting to worry about how you need to say "no" but don't know how to?

* Find it difficult to talk about money with your partner, or to ask for a pay increase at work?

* Are feeling stuck with your financial situation?

* Earn a reasonable salary but still don't have money left at the end of the month?

If you want to become financially stable, and working towards financial independence and ultimate financial freedom, this is an excellent place to start!



You can earn £100k or £20k and still have money blocks

Money blocks don't discriminate.  You can earn a good salary and have no money left at the end of the month, or you could earn less than the average and manage to save money regularly.  It doesn't matter whether you come from a position of scarcity or abundance, if your mindset is not working with you, you won't make the progress you desire and deserve.

This fastrack to dealing with those money blocks will open up avenues to your future financial success!

Get me started please!

Do you want to.....

Stop worrying what other people are thinking about when it comes to YOUR money?

Talk easily about money rather than feeling awkward and embarrassed?

Overturn whatever has kept you stuck so far?

Know that your future financial situation is SO much better than any you had in the past?

Take steps towards creating a passive income stream and CHOICES for your future?

Have MORE and do MORE without fear of shame, judgement and embarrassment?

Be your wealthiest self, financially as well as emotionally?

I'm ready to take action and get more out of my money story!

Re-write your money story

You are the author as well as the main character.  You have everything within you to write the next chapter, the plot twist and the happy ending!

Unscramble your limiting beliefs

Recognise what's held you back in the past, deal with it efficiently and effectively and move on.  Gain clarity and focus as you head towards financial freedom.

Figure out your next steps

Gain the confidence to set goals, discuss money comfortably, and do things differently in the future.  It's all there for the taking!

Key benefits of this course

Our Master your Money Mindset course consists of modules that you can complete at your own pace. Each module consists of a number of bite sized sessions combining video and audio presentation, with practical exercises for you complete in your own time, and downloadable worksheets provided.

You will have ongoing access to your own online portal, so you can revisit whenever you wish.

Complete this course, and you will be able to understand why you have found it difficult to achieve your financial goals in the past.   You will discover why you've found it impossible to maintain your results and keep on top of things.

By working with money blocks that you have not been easy to conquer previously, you will identify ways in which you can change your behaviour and your attitude towards money, and you will work on getting the outcome that you have always dreamed of, but haven't yet managed to attain.

This is an excellent way of launching yourself towards financial independence and freedom.  Once you have completed this course, you may choose to work with me on a 1:1 basis, or upgrade to the follow on courses, which will provide you with even more insight into your relationship with your money and providing you with a practical toolbox to identify and achieve your financial goals.

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