A 6-week deeper self-hypnosis programme for money fears and blocks

Money Rewired! 

Post launch early bird price - £444!

Why The Hypnotic Money Method?


As a former Stockbroker and Wealth Manager, I have worked with people , their money, their money blocks and their habits for 30 years! 

I know how much it can stop you getting what you want out of life when you're holding yourself back - all because of your internal money messages! 


THIS is where my Hypnotic Money Method will help you!



Money Rewired! - 6 weeks for you to crack your money blocks and fears...  


Your internal money messages determine what you're going to get in life.

So if you want MORE than  you are currently getting, you've got to change those internal money messages!

I've worked with hundreds of people and their money, and I have seen what holds them back.

I have also seen them make the change so that they can get what they really desire.

You know that despite the best of intentions, you're finding yourself returning to the same money habits day after day.

You're working hard.  You deserve more, but it just doesn't seem to be coming your way.

And it's time for you to say enough's enough....and stop the resistance.




Because there different parts of your brain and your logical part thinks it knows best. Every time you try and do something new, creative, and FUN, your logical brain gets in the way and applies the brakes....again.

So it is time to take a new approach!

You're NOT alone!!

In my long career in the investment industry, I've seen that money blocks don't discriminate between those with money and those without.

Everyone, regardless of income, earnings potential, and status in society can have debilitating blocks that can cause frustration, stress, and a general feeling of just not getting what you want out of life.

How do you know if money blocks are holding you back?

  • You make money, you lose money, you make money, you lose money and you're sick of going round and round in circles.
  • Does it feel like money is easy for everyone else, but just not for you? They're able to ask for the sale....you're not.  They're getting the payrise....you're not. They're able to hold on to money, and you're not....
  • If you know you are ready to get more money, become wealthy and get the money you need to give you the life that you desire, but just don't know what to do next to change things.
  • If you're fed up of watching everyone else succeed, when you KNOW that it should be you!

Then using the SAFE and EFFECTIVE hypnosis based sessions and accompanying implementation exercises, you can finally break free, and start living your best financial life!

(NB - These use DEEP relaxation techniques and should not be used while driving or operating any type of machinery!)

Money Rewired! - 6 weeks for you to crack your money blocks and fears...  

- Released 15th June! Early bird price til 30th June £444


Why sign up to Money Rewired!.....?



You're doing everything right - you've invested in studying and business development,

- you've smashed glass ceilings on your career path,

- you've made all the sacrifices,

- done all the spending plans,

- you know ALL the things that should be going right.

BUT you're still on the same cycles of money habits that are not getting you where you need or deserve to be.

And you've had enough.


Because unconsciously..

you're being pulled back all the time. You're not getting out of the rut you've created.  You've got money blocks there somewhere, and you've got to smash them!

It's time go deeper!

It's time to bypass the logical part of your mind and go deeper, to the unconscious.

This 6 week powerful programme based on self directed hypnosis sessions will cover every stage of your money journey to tackle your blocks, fears, and next steps to your future wealth goals.


 The benefits of Money Rewired!...  


  • Reprogramme Your Money Mindset and free yourself from fear and a lack of progress.
  • Stop taking the same self-sabotaging action you have been taking for years!
  • Stop the debt cycles that prevent you building your future wealth.
  • Gain confidence and build self esteem to help make the most of your financial opportunities

The simple but powerful combination of self led hypnosis sessions in Money Rewired! creates, strengthens and builds a new pattern of positive, and easy action.

(NB - These use DEEP relaxation techniques and should not be used while driving or operating any type of machinery!)

What to expect.....!


To start.....

 It doesn’t matter whether you have a lot of money or a little, whether you are an overspender or overly frugal, many money issues stem from not having the confidence and the self esteem to get things right.  I will start things off by helping you to build that base level of confidence that is going to make the next modules even more effective for you.

Week One

Remove the fear and money worry that holds you back.

In this module we work on getting rid of money worry and building your self esteem so that you can go out and enjoy life without  stress and fear!!

Week Two

With the worry out of the way, you can look to your future with confidence.  This week we will be building the best future version of you and your life and will also focus on changing habits so that you can save money and build your future wealth.

Week Three

Spending habits!

Whether you are an over-spender, or are afraid of letting go and spending money, there's a session here for you.  We will address your spending issues, so that you can achieve the perfect balance.

Week Four

Holding on to money!

Does money slip through  your fingers or leave your bank account as soon as it is received.  Have you spent your bonus before it hits your payslip?  This module will help you overcome your challenges with holding onto your money, so that you can enjoy it for the longer term!

Week Five

Asking for more money is hard whether you're employed or running your own business!

 In this module we work on overcoming those difficulties in asking for a much deserved payrise, or putting your prices up in business….because, let’s face it, it’s probably been a while since you did!

Week Six

Get a Millionaire Mindset!

Want to be a millionaire?  Or more?  Then you have to think, feel and act like a millionaire!  Now you have the increased confidence, the boosted self esteem, you’ve tackled your spending habits, you’re saving for your future dreams, and you’re being paid more…it’s time to build that millionaire mind and create an optimism that is going to be world beating!!


 Debt can be difficult to get out of. And it can be even more difficult to STAY out of.  Regardless of how much you earn, if you are in the debt cycle, using your credit card rather more often than you would like, this bonus module is for you.  It will help you break that cycle and to use debt in a way that works for you, not against you.



My VALUES Roadmap that I use with my clients enables them to get results like never before!!


Why listen to me?

Hi! I’m Kim!

As a former stockbroker and wealth manager, I not only understand wealth and money on a practical level, but I have worked with the fears, anxieties, and exhilarations that often come along with you money relationship.

I began my coaching and mentoring career in 2006 alongside my investment career, incorporating Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP and it is the culmination of decades in these two careers that now allows me to combine strategies and get the most out of your own relationship with money.

I am accredited  by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.