It's More than Money! It's freedom, independence, peace of mind, better relationships and so much more!

Discover the life of wealth, adventure and financial abundance that you dream of and find out exactly what you need to do to achieve it!



Join me on a journey...

Whatever stage of your financial journey you are at, whether you have debt to clear or want to focus on building your wealth, this programme has everything you need to make HUGE changes - in your mindset, your behaviour and your results!

I'm Kim, a financial coach who has been working with people and their money for over 30 years.  I'm looking forward to supporting you as you move forward on your own journey and create the freedom, financial independence and more that you deserve.

I get it.  I've been there.  I've worked with it.  I've seen the results. 

More than that though, I've got you, and I've got your back!


More than Money is for you if you...

* Work HARD for your money, and earn a reasonable salary but still  find yourself skint at the end of the month.

*Want to start investing but don't know who to trust, what to look for, or where to even begin.

* Are worried that you can't afford to do the things you want in the future.

* Tried, but failed, to change your financial, and other habits in the past.

* Feel like you know what you *need* to do, but the results show something different!

* Continually find yourself overspending or putting other people's financial needs before your own, even when you can't afford to, or feel pressured to!

* Are starting to worry about how you need to say "no" but don't know how to.

* Find it difficult to talk about money with your partner, or you are frustrated that you don't share the same goals.

* Are simply feeling stuck with your financial situation, and are sick and tired of going round and round in circles.  Seeing the money coming in, and then going straight out again.

*Want to finally break free of the debt trap and get your money working for you, not against you.

* See other people doing a better job with their money than you do and wondering where you keep going wrong!

*Want to have the skills needed to grow your wealth and have passive income streams.

*Are COMMITTED to taking action and making powerful levels of change!



More than Money is a dynamic way to improve your relationship with money, build your wealth, and achieve financial independence and freedom.

But it's more than just the money in your bank account that determines how rich your life is!

Everyone has their own version of what wealthy means and looks like. But getting there in the quickest and most sustainable way possible requires a combination of energy, mindset and ACTION! 

Becoming wealthy involves 3 sides to the triangle - miss just one out, and the results just won't be complete.


1. Mindset and Financial Behaviour - re-write your money story and work towards a "happily ever after"!

2. Getting your money, and your life, in order and working efficiently for you.

3.  Becoming confident in building and growing your wealth. Understanding investment and being able to take the first steps to creating your own portfolio of assets.


Join me and get results for yourself that you might not yet even realise are possible!

Wealth, Health, Business, Relationships, Careers and Adventure - the list is endless!


What makes me different?

Hi! I’m Kim!

There are many incredible "money mindset" coaches out there, who can help you with your money blocks.  But very very few can add in the solid investment and behavioural finance experience that comes with a 30 year career as a Stockbroker, Wealth Manager, and Private Banker.


My career began in the legal world of Trust Administration in the late 1980s, before a move to Investment Management  around 30 years ago. From the very beginning I recognised that money, it's potential and it's limitations, had no preference when it came to my clients' age, background, or level of earnings.

What DID hold them back was a lack of self trust, self belief, of money management skills, and of understanding of the importance of taking the right approach to building wealth.

It also wasn't necessarily a lack of knowledge that caused a lack of performance, but a set of sabotaging behaviours that had never been dealt with effectively.

I realised then that it didn't matter how hard they worked, or how successful their careers were, this was just not reflected in their bank balances.

Not only that, but because of the money stresses and frustrations, they were suffering in other areas of life  too, where their successes were not what they desired or deserved!

Combining that corporate career with the coaching and mentoring that I began in 2006, PLUS my own personal rollercoaster of financial experiences as I navigated life's curveballs, I can bring you THE Roadmap you need to take action.

Take yourself away from a place of lack, away from that feeling of being stuck when it comes to success, and towards welcoming in abundance and the WEALTHIEST version of you, in whatever format that takes!

Look forward to a future filled with adventures, build an investment portfolio to help provide the funds to enjoy life for ever, create a passive income and protect your wealth so you can leave a legacy.

Trust me, Trust YOURSELF. Invest in me, and invest in YOURSELF and you will be amazed at what you can achieve!

Wealth, Health, Business, Relationships. Careers, Adventures - the possibilities are endless....if you choose them to be!


 Quit faffing around, stop making excuses and commit to change!

Your time, your way, your results, your CHOICE! 

I appreciate that everyone has different demands on their time, and their cash, and so I am providing you with 2 ways of experiencing More than Money and with options to pay in full or spread your payments over 6 months!

The More than Money Mission - your pace, your direction - £797


Everyone gets access to the full online programme consisting of:

12 Modules, each containing a number of bitesize and easy to digest pre-recorded lessons.

Powerful visualisations and techniques to help understand and change your money story.

Tools, tips and resources to implement Money Management and Debt Payment Strategies.

Specialist and guest expert workshops to help you create, build and protect your wealth.

A monthly free drop in accountability session live on zoom - this is something I make available to all my self directed study clients, so you are never completely left to your own devices.

The More than Money Experience - Your 6 month supported journey includes LIVE group coaching - £1997

We don't all have the discipline to get optimum results using self-directed programmes.

Making change involves overcoming challenges, overturning previous limiting beliefs, and implementing new ways of thinking, doing, and being.

Sometimes that means asking for help, support and accountability so that you know you can reach your goals quicker.

For those who choose to upgrade to the full Experience, additional support  is provided for 6 months, to give you all the assistance you need to make those changes in the shortest possible time.

Wherever you feel your focus needs to be, I am there to help direct you to the right place.

I have a 30 year career in wealth management and trust administration.  Building wealth through investment and protecting that wealth is what I have spent my entire career doing - at the highest of levels.  

I believe that this should be available to all, not just the wealthiest, and so I want to share that experience with you.

Changes happen internally AND externally.  Mindset and Practical aspects need different tools from the toolbox.  I provide a combination of direct learning and powerful activation for maximum effectivenes!

Whatever your learning style, you can choose to pay in full or over 6 months.

Whether you decide to go it alone with the self directed More than Money Mission, or want to take advantage of the full Experience, you can choose from the following options:

Option 1: Pay in full and get a bonus private coaching session with Kim.

Option 2: Pay in 6 equal monthly instalments.  You won't pay any more than those who pay in full, but you won't benefit from the 1:1 coaching.

Whichever option  you choose, I promise you a programme like no other you have tried.  The return on your investment?  Well that is up to you.


Your Investment Today...

Within the More than Money Mission self directed programme you will get....

*12 modules instantly available to you, consisting of a number of recorded bitesize lessons so you never have to use a lack of time as a reason not to make the change.


* Specialist bonus workshops in different investment options, plus wealth protection and debt clearance.


*Monthly drop in zoom calls with Kim Uzzell, Wealth Empowerment Coach and Mentor for accountability and Q&A, so you are never on your own!


*Powerful activations and guided visualisations along with a toolbox of other resources to implement.


*A dedicated private Mastermind Facebook group for the duration of the programme.


* The ability to upgrade to the supported More than Money Experience at any time, subject to an adjustment in fees being made.


....and if you join the FULL More than Money Experience, you will ALSO benefit from....

* Weekly Q&A, support and Accountability sessions delivered live by Zoom.  Invaluable if you're looking to collapse time in reaching your goals.


*Quarterly vision planning and goal setting workshops, to ensure you're moving in the right direction.


* access to replays to cover you on the days when life or time zones don't allow you to join live.


* Additional live investment workshop to help you get confidently started in creating your personal investment portfolio.


* a dedicated private Mastermind Voxer group for the duration of the programme.
* 2 x 30 minute 1:1 sessions, one at the start and one at the end of our time together to ensure you're focused on the right areas to meet your personal goals and overcome your challenges.

The FULL EXPERIENCE - One Time Payment


Includes bonus 1:1 coaching session

Take the guesswork out of understanding your money story, making changes to your money management and creating and building your future investment portfolio.
6 Months Live support accompanies the full online programme of recorded lessons and specialist workshops.
You can use your 1:1 session at any time during the 6 months.


I'm all in! This is the one for me please!

THE FULL EXPERIENCE! 6 Monthly Instalments


Total cost £1998

Spread the cost for the same live group support that accompanies the 12 recorded modules and specialist workshops.
6 x equal payments of £333
I'd like this option please!

The Self Directed Mission - One Time Payment


Includes bonus 30 minute 1:1 coaching session

12 pre-recorded modules, and access to specialist workshops.
Resources including PDF workbooks, audio guided visualisations and guides to EFT and NLP.
Access to monthly drop in Zoom sessions for additional support.
Ability to upgrade to the full Experience on adjustment of fees.
I'd like this self directed option please!

The Self Directed Mission - 6 monthly instalments


Total cost £798

All the benefits of the full self directed programme with the ability to spread the cost over 6 months to help with your regular budgeting.
Upgrade to the supported version at any time (subject to adjustment in fees)
I would like to spread the cost please.

The vast experience and knowledge that I share with my clients enables them to get sustainable results FASTER than they ever thought possible!!

No Jargon.  No Confusion.  No Excuses!