6 week Bespoke 1:1 Hypnotherapy for Money & Business

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1:1 Hypnotherapy for Money & Business Success

Bypass the conscious mind that is holding  you back and get straight to the core so that you can move forward and get the best out of your money and your business journey.

Over 6 weeks, we will work together with the following - no two people are the same so there is no "cookie cutter" approach to our time together:

  • Initial Deep Dive session to get to know your aims, objectives and what is holding you back.  This will enable me to start creating the ideal sessions for you.
  • Bespoke 1:1 Hypnosis sessions, combining other strategies such as NLP and EFT for maximum effectiveness.
  • Ongoing evaluation and a final follow up session to determine progress and any next steps.

Please note, you should not undertake hypnosis if you suffer from psychosis or other serious mental health conditions.  Please speak to your GP or other health care professional before starting your sessions with me if you are in any doubt of their suitability.

 I'm Kim Uzzell and I took my first training in Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP in 2005, qualifying in 2006, and becoming a tutor in the subjects the following year.

Whilst many issues have remained constant since those first sessions, we all know that the environments we find ourselves in have changed significantly, particularly in recent years, and the need to work with our subconscious is greater than ever before as we look to maximise our potential.

Once considered as an option mainly for smoking, weight loss and general confidence building, the benefits of hypnotherapy and associated modalities are now appreciated by many more.

Fears of investing, of holding money, of building business confidence, being visible on social media or in person, and so many other aspects of whether we are successful in life or not, are created by holding up and building layers of behaviour that are holding us back.

Dealing with these on a logical, conscious level is absolutely possible but can be hard, and energy sapping. Being able to bypass this and get straight to that part of the mind that can turn things around with you and for you, means you can move forward with greater ease and speed, and go and get the things in life that you really desire!