Ridding us of money shame and building financial confidence.

Hello!  My name is Kim, and I am a Financial Coach, Money Mentor, and founder of Mind and Money Matters, together with My Money Movement.

With over 30 years experience in the investment industry, I bring together my career experience with my coaching and real-life experience to help others with their money matters.

Having worked in financial services for the past 30 years, through the rise and fall of the 90s and early noughties, and into the financial crash of 2008; I have worked with clients who have made and gained, traded and lost, fully embraced and completely denied their financial dealings.  

As well a wealth of professional experience, I’ve also been on my own journey full of financial ups and downs, of trying to achieve what I thought was expected of me, of avoiding the important conversations with those closest to me, and starting, yet again, with all the best of intentions. I’ve learned the hard way and will provide a practical real life approach to our work!

Our future doesn’t have to be a repeat of the past but we have to question and challenge our money beliefs and then break the cycles that keep people in debt and poverty, no matter how much they’re earning.

I want to eliminate the taboo around money and create an environment where people are comfortable in talking about their finances and educating their children to do the same.  “I want to get rid of money shame!”

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I am passionate about eliminating the taboos that surround money and to enable all, but especially women, to access the information they need to become money confident and build stable financial futures.

Money issues are one of the biggest stressors we face in life.  We struggle to talk about our financial position, good or bad, for fear of being judged, embarrassed and ashamed.

The impact on our mental health, our relationships, and our ability to concentrate on work and family is known to be significant, and I am passionate about getting people comfortable and confident to break away from the stress and enable their own financial independence, and that of the next generation.

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Dealing with your money is a marathon, not a sprint, regardless of whether you are coming from a position of scarcity and debt, or a position of abundance and responsibility for future wealth accumulation.

It may seem daunting. After all, your relationship with finance will last you a lifetime, so just put one step in front of the other and you will get you across the line.

How can we work together?

We want to get the best out of life and getting our money mindset and financial plans clear and in place will significantly improve our focus and our success rates.

Whether you want to travel the world, build a better, more profitable business, retire early, or help your grandchildren get on the property ladder, goal setting that combines the practical elements for success along with the mindset changes that are needed, will get you there!

Money Mindset

Breaking the cycles of...
...Spending, Debt, Excuses

On the face of it you're financially successful. You have a good income, regular bonuses, and occasional windfalls. Yet every month you are down to your last few pounds before payday, the credit card you paid off has new balances on it again, and you don't have anything to show for the money you have received.

Sound familiar? Work with me to break the cycles of spending, running up debt, and making excuses, and start to see your relationship with money improve, your finances become more efficient, and your savings soar as you move towards financial stability and independence.

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Know what you *should* do...
...but yet don't seem able to implement it?

You're not daft, or stupid when it comes to knowing what you should be doing. You're probably very successful in your career, and other areas of your life. You can tell other people what they should be implementing to make their financial lives a success....but yet you can't seem to implement it and sustain it for yourself.

I get you - and it's frustrating as heck, isn't it! By working together we can identify where your money blocks are, and you can understand why they are sabotaging your efforts to do all the right things. Rather than feeling a failure, you will start to feel in control and see successes with your finances.

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The dreaded money talk...
..avoiding the conversation at all costs?

Do you avoid the issue whenever money is the topic of conversation? Do you gloss over your concerns for fear of feeling ashamed or embarrassed. Do you give the answers you think others want to hear, to avoid being judged for your real situation?

All too often, taking the *easy* option is anything but easy in the end. Avoiding the issues just leads to feelings of discomfort, as they eat away inside you, leading to sleepless nights, and overflowing into other areas of your life, interfering with your personal relationships and creating blocks in your business.

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