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Future-proof your business and career.

Retain the best staff and clients.

With Kim Uzzell, Certified Trauma of Money Coach & Chartered Wealth Manager

Introducing the CPD Accredited Financial Trauma Awareness Programme

For Leaders, Financial Professionals, Coaches, Service Providers, Therapists, Business Owners....and for YOU!

What is the Financial Trauma Awareness Programme?

This CPD Accredited programme has been created to help leaders and professionals take their careers and businesses to the next level by providing a more compassionate, respectful and understanding awareness of the many reasons stopping individuals and communities from moving forward, dealing with financial stresses and achieving their financial goals.

Understanding the reasons why we behave as we do when it comes to individual and collective financial behaviours is essential if we are to create a stronger, fairer, more accessible financial future for everyone.

This begins with opening our eyes, our ears and our hearts and becoming AWARE.

  • Without awareness we cannot create change.

  • Without change we cannot make progress.

  • And without progress, we cannot have fairness and strength.

For business and team leaders, financial professionals, HR teams, coaches, and service providers who want to be at the forefront of change.

Right now, there are a lot of people struggling with their finances. You see it every day.

That means that your colleagues and clients could be holding themselves back from achieving their full potential.

And THAT could be costing both you and them money, success, and reputation.

But it's not just poor money management that is the issue.

Bringing a combination of professional, personal and holistic experience around financial behaviours, we are pleased to be able to offer this unique programme that will put you at the leading edge of client and colleague relationships.

Team Leaders, Business Owners, Service Providers

The people you work with are important to you, and you want to get the best out of their time with you and your business.

Because when you have happy teams and clients you have loyal teams and clients, and you reduce the risk of losing good talent, and business revenue, to the competition.

But how well do you really understand what drives their behaviours, their financial stresses, and the reasons why they might not be fully stepping into their potential for success?

Get the best out of your talent, garner staff loyalty and retain the most incredible clients, who will become your biggest cheerleeders, futureproofing your business ahead of the competition.

Financial Professionals, Advisors, Coaches, Therapists & Consultants

You want to be at the top of your game, and you're well on the way there.

You've been on a personal and professional development path and you're proud of your quest to be the best of the best.

You've got a whole load of financial knowledge but amongst the ability to analyse, forecast, calculate and talk about risk and objectives, the training you've received barely touches on the real reasons why your clients respond in the way that they do.

Get ahead of your competitors by adding this unique level of behavioural finance knowledge.

CPD Accredited, this is the perfect complement to your existing expertise and will take you to the forefront of your industry and thought leadership potential.

You've probably heard of Money Mindset. But what is Money Trauma, and why should you pay any attention to it?

There's a difference, but how do we know what is really stopping our colleagues and clients from fully reaching their potential?

Financial Trauma can stem from a one off event or a series of smaller, environmental or cultural matters.

It's generally not spoken about, but it is
being carried by more people than you might think - and that means that it doesn't matter how good YOU are at your job, your colleagues and clients may still feel held back.

When we know the signs to look for, we can address it in the right way - respectfully, compassionately, confidently and sustainably.

It's more than money mindset - Financial Trauma is felt in the body , not just in the mind:

  • Struggling to get your words out

  • Heart racing when facing the finances

  • Stomach churning when thinking about money

  • Fear of being "outed" as bad with money

  • Sleepless nights and heading for burnout

  • Headaches, skin conditions, gut problems

  • Shame, and the inability to break negative cycles of spending or other "habits".

You might be thinking -

Isn't financial trauma a bit strong?

Trauma is a word we don't often attach to our relationship with money.

But the truth is, we need to be considering it MORE, not overlooking it.

  • Money Mindset is a key area of focus for many when trying to work through their money blocks.

  • But when that isn't working, it's not because we need to do more mindset work, but because the effects we are experiencing go deeper - Financial Trauma is real, it is varied, and it is important we understand it so that we can work through it and create a stronger financial future for everyone!

We are RAISING THE BAR in terms of behavioural finance and money trauma awareness and support!

If you are a leader or professional who wants to help YOUR clients and colleagues have a stronger relationship with their money, so that they can create greater financial success for their futures. or if you want to explore your OWN relationship with money further, then this is the programme for YOU!

My name is Kim Uzzell, and I have been working with people and their money on both a practical and deeper emotional level for 35 years.

Equip yourself with the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to address the multi-faceted issues surrounding money trauma and the impacts it has on daily financial decision making.

Whether you are looking for self development, answers to your own money mindset and trauma questions and want to release money blocks for yourself


If you are looking to expand your professional development, becoming money trauma informed so that you can better support your clients and colleagues and take your career and business expertise to the next level.

This programme is for YOU!

  • Throughout this transformative journey, delivered LIVE you will explore twelve core modules that delve deep into the intricacies of financial trauma and its effects on individuals and communities.

  • PLUS, you have the option to include EFT (tapping) training, facilitated by Eda Hardy, Master EFT Trainer. (Levels 1&2 will enable you to include this at professional level, provided you have appropriate insurance in place)

  • PLUS, you will have access to guest expert sessions and bonus workshops that will provide valuable insights and practical guidance from industry professionals and thought leaders in the field of financial trauma.

  • Create a stronger career, business and financial future for everyone by looking beyond the money habits and supporting people to reach their full potential.

April 2024 cohort is open for registration now!!

Embark on a transformative journey towards understanding, healing and building better relationships with money - for you, your family, your clients, and your wider community.

Early registration discount is now available - save up to £500 on the full price

The next cohort begins on 17th April 2024.

Pay in full, and receive the EFT training option as a bonus, or pay over 10 months, with no additional charge.

The 3 Phases of the Financial Trauma Awareness Programme

Phase 1


Gain a comprehensive understanding of the wide-ranging impact that financial trauma can have on individuals, families and communities.

Explore the emotional, psychological and physiological effects of financial trauma

, and learn how to recognise and address its various manifestations

Recognise the features of financial trauma and how our behaviours are influenced by a range of experiences. We will be looking at the neuroscience behind our habits.

Discover the fundamental principles that underpin effective support for those affected by financial trauma.

Examine how Financial Trauma permeates various aspects of every day life.

Understand how it can impact

self-esteem, decision-making, relationships and overall wellbeing

Phase 2

Information & Impact

Discover how financial trauma can be both the cause of, and the effect of our money related behaviours.

Discuss how "non money related" aspects of life impact our financial habits and results

Explore the ways in which financial trauma can impact our everyday lives and wellbeing.

Understand and challenge the psychological and behavioural aspects of money disorders, societal, cultural, religious, racial and generational norms, influences and expectations.

Understand the intricate relationships between:

*debt and mental health.

*addictive tendancies,

*displacement and marginalisation

*access to financial education and role models,


*financial abuse and coercive control

*emotional impacts of loss, theft and grief

Phase 3


Create a positive culture at every level where money is not to be ignored and positive practical and emotional support is provided.

Recognise sensitivities amongst individuals and teams and facilitate a respectful, non-judgemental and compassionate environment

Learn effective communication techniques and strategies to foster healthy relationships around money. make money related conversations easier and improve our ability to work effectively within our homes, relationships and our businesses.

Explore ways to advocate for and promote fair and equitable access to financial and educational resources.

 Learn strategies to support in coping with financial anxieties and skills for rebuilding financial stability after experiencing significant setbacks.

Signpost timely and sensitive assistance support for managing debt-related stress and other specialist needs.

The Financial Trauma Awareness programme is CPD Accredited with the CPD Standards Office

Why focus on Financial Trauma?

When we feel stuck in our financial progress, we often look at our money mindset and money management skills. But should we be looking broader and deeper?

  • Money Mindset and Financial Trauma are not the same thing - yet are often treated as such.

  • Financial Trauma runs deep through generations and cultures - requiring respectful and curious awareness.

  • Financial FEAR stops many achieving their true potential, yet can be overcome when trauma is properly addressed.

  • Understanding our inner feelings and external influences is only part of the journey - applying practical money management skills will support sustainable growth.

  • Our world is changing rapidly - we owe it to ourselves and those around us to not allow ourselves to be financially stuck in our past.

Brought to you by Experts

I will share 30 years’ of my career & personal experience with you!

Hi, I'm Kim Uzzell, a Chartered Fellow of the CISI, Chartered Wealth Manager and a Certified Financial Coach, specialising in the Trauma of Money, with a passion for helping people to build wealth of all types in a sustainable way.

With almost 30 years in the investment industry, mostly as a Stockbroker, plus 15 years' teaching, coaching and mentoring experience, I am not like most "financial coaches".

I have real, hands on, professional behavioural finance experience that I want to share with you.

But, even as a Coach of Excellence with the PDC, and a Top Rated award from The Times & Telegraph, it's not just my professional experience I am here to share.

I've navigated my way personally (and continue to do so in some respects) through the challenges that financial trauma brings.

This is NOT a programme where I simply teach - we are always learning, developing and gaining a greater understanding of the needs of others..

And I want to share this, because I believe that financial confidence, resilience and independence should be accessible for everyone, and the impact that we can have by starting the conversation is unlimited.

Introducing Eda Hardy - Master EFT Trainer

Eda has over a decade experience in Subconscious Programming and will be bringing EFT level 1 & 2 training to students in the Financial Trauma Awareness programme!

EFT (also known as tapping) is a powerful non-invasive technique that can assist in resolving personal money related traumas

Those who wish to pay in full will be offered level 1 & level 2 training at no extra cost and may choose to practice this with their clients, once qualified, subject to appropriate insurance being obtained.

For those who wish to pay in instalments, you may add EFT level 1 or levels 1& 2 to your training at an extra cost.

Financial Trauma impacts everyone

We don't like to think that we're experiencing financial trauma - or the effects of trauma of any kind. But the fact is, that so many of us are - and we don't acknowledge it.

It's not just something we carry ourselves. Our clients, our colleagues and our friends will also be holding themselves back from reaching their full potential.

By opening our eyes to the societal, generational, personal and cultural aspects that lead us to hold on to our financial traumas, we can better understand our own financial behaviours and those of our clients, colleagues and our communities.

This results in a greater feeling of personal and collective wellbeing, loyalty, an ability to achieve and succeed, to retain good quality staff and clients and to be positive leaders and role models.

That, in turn, will allow us to collectively create a stronger, fairer financial future for everyone.

A year from now, imagine how much more confident and successful we could be if we:

  • Have recognised and dealt with our own financial sticking points.

  • Can provide our clients, colleagues and those close to us with more tailored support with their own money journey.

  • Have more informed and respectful conversations, based on discussion, not assumption.

  • Feel empowered to make smarter financial decisions that align with our values and goals, as well as our heritage.

  • Have more choices and opportunities for our future with the inner freedom to go and achieve them.

The Financial Trauma Awareness Programme will also include:

  • Live weekly sessions with expert guidance to support you in your learning

  • Recordings of all sessions and a full set of resources to access in your own time.

  • Guest Expert Sessions from industry specialists and Thought Leaders.

  • BONUS modules to include how to implement your learnings in your business operations.

  • Access to a dedicated Telegram group for peer support & accountability

  • 1:1 mentoring sessions with Kim Uzzell at a discounted rate

Let's rid ourselves of the myths and misconceptions about financial trauma. Widen your window on the world and create change by embarking on this journey of increased understanding, and respect - foundations of a kinder and stronger future.

Your investment?

Option 1: Professional & Leadership Pathway - £2400 £1900 Pay in full

Enhance your professional development and bring money trauma awareness and EFT into your team environment, coaching or business offering, and work towards professional accreditation, taking you to the next level in leadership and professionalism.

PLUS - Pay in full and receive the option to add levels 1 & 2 EFT training at no extra cost

Option 2: Instalment option - pay over 10 months interest free

Want to lock in at the current price but not able to commit to paying in full? No problem - I am offering you the opportunity to pay over 10 months, interest free!

I believe in making financial wellbeing, awareness and confidence available to all, which is why the Financial Trauma Awareness Programme is set at an investment level that I believe offers superb value and is accessible to many.

As an Investment Professional of 30 years, Financial Coach & Mentor AND someone who has experienced the everyday impact of financial trauma, I know the importance of creating increased awareness and raising standards in the areas that we serve, to support ourselves and others make stronger financial decisions for their futures.

Brought to you by Experts

Here's a reminder of what's included:

  • 12-module programme of immersive and reflective training to build your knowledge and understanding of financial trauma.

  • EFT level 1 & 2 (professional) training with Eda Hardy, Master EFT Trainer (optional pay in full bonus)

  • LIVE weekly sessions with replays available to revisit at your convenience.

  • Resources for all learning styles.

  • Masterclasses & Bonus modules from Thought Leaders and Industry Exerts on specific topics to deepen your understanding and application.

  • A dedicated Telegram group for peer support, reflection and accountability.

This programme is a PERFECT fit for you if you are:

  • Curious about the financial mindset and behaviours of others and their origins.

  • A leader, coach or other professional looking to support your clients and colleagues with their money, career & personal development journey.

  • Doing ALL THE MONEY MINDSET work without seeing the results for you or your clients.

  • Ready to challenge previous thoughts and patterns and explore alternatives.

  • Looking to create choices and opportunities, by adding another level to your practice.

  • Open minded and ready to widen your window on the world.

  • Looking to implement and create change for a stronger financial future.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You're narrow minded in your thinking and believe your way is the only way.

  • You're not open to learning or challenging your previous beliefs and awareness.

  • You don't value creating choices and opportunities for your future and those of your clients and communities.

  • You're not interested in leaving a legacy or making a positive impact on the world.

  • You're not willing to put in the effort to learn and implement new skills and strategies to support those experiencing the effects of financial trauma.

What clients say:

"I've done a lot of work around my relationship with money and I know how deeply trauma (including generational trauma) goes with money, I've worked really hard on this because I know I don't want to pass my baggage down to my kids. I made the decision that this stops with me!"

"Such an amazing session with Kim today. She speaks on a level for all to understand, shows compassion, is non judging of any situation and delved deep to make a shift.

Who knew there are so many depths to what she does - thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support!"

"I wanted to clear any money trauma and work on my mindset to start afresh. And I can honestly say my mind was boggled!

My issues with money actually didn't come from money itself!

Kim is a genius - new start for me, and I couldn't be more excited.

I can move forward fearless!"

"I have just finished Kim's group course and I can't recommend it highly enough. For years I have been searching for a coach who gives a balance of emotional and practical advice, and with Kim that's exactly what you get!"

"I just want to extend huge thanks to Kim Uzzell for her amazing training in her Financial Trauma Certification which is one of the reasons I feel equipped to now support with disadvantaged groups, including refugees and those who have been through domestic abuse etc with their career search and mindset work."

"Since joining Kim's programme and putting her teaching into practice, my life has totally changed! I can't recommend Kim highly enough!"

Ready to make a difference? To be a Change-Maker. To leave a global legacy?

This is the programme for you if you want to make a difference to a collectively stronger financial future.

You can finally:

Learn to demystify the impacts of financial trauma on our day to day financial decision making.

Go, along with your clients and colleagues, from fearful to fired up and gain the knowledge and tools to truly feel financially independent.

Have easier conversations when "money talk" is needed.

Support yourself and your clients and colleagues to make money work for you and enable more choices in later life.

Create a legacy and leave a positive impact on the world.

Simply put, the world needs YOU to get curious and explore more - CREATE THE IMPACT YOU WANT TO HAVE!


Don't I need to be a coach to enrol on this programme?

NO! This programme is for ANYONE who wants to level up their awareness of how and why our relationships with money are impacted so significantly by our past experiences and emotions.

If you are a coach, financial or other service professional or anyone working with people who might be held back from achieving their full financial potential, this is for you. - so you can better support those who work with you in the future.

What if I have money trauma or blocks myself?

You are DEFINITELY not alone!

You will find this Diploma programme invaluable in supporting yourself through your own money blocks as well as helping others on their financial journey.

How will I be able to catch up on anything I miss?

I know - life sometimes gets in the way a bit!

The live sessions will be recorded and uploaded to your own course portal (usually within 72) hours.

You will retain "lifetime" access so you can revisit at your convenience.

All resources will either be downloadable on your course portal, or sent to your home address.

I've still got questions. Can I contact you?

Yes of course!

You can email us at and we will be happy to answer any questions you have!

Important note:

We will be covering various different aspects of our financial journey, and I will be sharing with you a combination of my professional and personal experience. However, whilst I am an experienced and very highly qualified investment manager, this programme and any information provided within is NOT intended to be taken as financial or investment advice in any way. Investing, pensions, taxation etc are all specialist subjects and you should always do your research and take appropriate advice from a specialist before parting with any money. Regulations, allowances, etc are subject to frequent change, and vary from country to country, and investing always involves a risk.

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